Assemble PE Drum

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* Dimensions: (d) 500mm x (H) 800mm

* Material: HDPE


– Features:

+ Products with reflective sheets around, help increase recognition from many directions.

+ Quality products in line with reasonable costs.

+ Products can be easily removable (disassembled in two halves) and stored, saving warehouse space.

+ Products can give stones, pebbles, sand to increase weight.

+ Can combine with other traffic safety warning products such as delineators, LED lights, solar delineators.

+ Easy to transport, install.


– Place of installation:

+ Installing at road areas without guardrails, or areas under construction on either side of the road.

+ Installation in provincial roads, places under construction of roads, places where road conditions have not developed.


Origin: Vietnam, manufactured according to Korean materials and technology.

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* Kích thước: (d)500mm x (H)800mm* Chất liệu:  HDPE  


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