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* Dimension:
+ Fixed type, elastic type: (d) 155mm x (H) 800mm; blue / gray (code BB-S1 / BA-S1; BB-F1 / BA-F1). Stand (d) 230mm.
+ Fixed type, elastic type: (d) 120mm x (H) 800mm; blue / gray (code BB-F3 / BA-3; BB-S3 / BA-S3). Stand (d) 230mm.
+ Fixed slim type: (d) 120mm x (H) 1000mm; black (code BB-S2 / BA-S2), Stand diameter 200mm.

* Material: Urethane outer cover, iron core


– Features:

+ Bollard post are manufactured with PU outer, wrapped inside iron post to help products resist oxidation, rust during use, under the harsh weather conditions outdoors.

+ Resilient post is designed with specific functions, when colliding with a vehicle, the post will tilt at a maximum angle of 25 degrees to help reduce damage to the device and avoid secondary injuries to the driver.

+ Bollard is manufactured in accordance with urban environment, with reflective sheets with high reflectivity that help vehicles identify even when it is dark.

+ Post uses iron core, PU plastic outer to help absorb the impact force from the vehicle. With elastic type, the product will create a tilt angle to spread the impact force, limiting damage to people and vehicles.

+ Products can be constructed by installing screws or anchor set.

+ Bollards prevent vehicles from moving up on the sidewalk, preventing accidents against pedestrians


– Place of installation:

+ In front of buildings, residential areas, parks, public works.

+ Port area, wharf, wharf.


Made in Korea

Chia sẻ:
* Kích thước:+ Loại cố định, loại đàn hồi: (d)155mm x (H)800mm; màu xanh/màu xám (mã BB-S1/BA-S1; BB-F1/BA-F1). Chân đế (d)230mm.+ Loại cố định, loại đàn hồi: (d)120mm x (H)800mm; màu xanh/màu xám (mã BB-F3/BA-3; BB-S3/BA-S3). Chân đế (d)230mm.+ Loại mảnh cố định: (d)120mm x (H)1000mm; màu đen(mã BB-S2/BA-S2). Chân đế (d)200mm.* Chất liệu: Vỏ ngoài Urethane, lõi sắt 


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